JCIE Publications | East Asian Regional Response to HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria

This report covers the symposium that celebrated the 5th anniversary of the Kyushu-Okinawa Summit; topics included responses to major communicable diseases throughout East Asia, reactions from international organizations, and measures for promoting regional responses.

JCIE Publications | Discord in the Pacific

This volume contains articles that were prepared as background papers for the Third Japanese-American Assembly held in Shimoda, Japan, in June 1972, and attempts to identify the causes underlying the discord in US-Japan relations, with special emphasis on the communications gap between the two countries.

JCIE Publications | Social and Political Issues in Japan: The Trilateral Commission Japan Seminar, May 1975

These essays, originally presented to the Trilateral Commission Japan Seminar, focus on diplomacy and a range of domestic issues.

JCIE Publications | Research Institutions in Japan: A Survey Report

This report is a compilation of 44 research institutes throughout Japan, which are divided based on their missions; some of these include problems common to advanced industrial societies and domestic and international economics.

JCIE Publications | Handbook on Japanese Industrial Structure

This handbook provides a general picture of changes during the century to the 1970s in Japanese industrial structure, foreign trade, and national income and operation rates by industry, with a particular focus on labor force statistics.

JCIE Publications | Philanthropy in Japan

Using data from JCIE’s International Exchange Project on Private Philanthropy, this survey was designed to encourage emerging Japanese foundations to develop contacts with their counterparts abroad, to clearly define their basic philosophy, to establish the mechanisms necessary to effectively achieve their goals.

JCIE Publications | Handbook on Japanese Foreign Policy and Security

This handbook is a compilation of treaties, joint declarations and communiqués, policy statements, and other foreign policy documents that delineate the postwar legal boundaries within which Japan has dealt with other nations.

JCIE Publications | Survey Report on Binational and Other Research on Economic Themes of Interest to Japan and the United States (JCIE Research Reports: No. 1)

This report, surveys and summarizes joint US-Japan policy research carried out at research institutions and universities from 1979 to mid-19882; it helps to reveal many trends such as the lack of connections drawn to the larger context of US-Japan economic relations and to the multilateral global context.

JCIE Publications | Report of the Japan-United States Economic Relations Group

In this report, the Japan-United States Economic Relations Group, whose task it was to make recommendations to Prime Minister Ohira and President Carter, make recommendations to further improve the healthy economic and political relationship between the two parties.

JCIE Publications | Supplemental Report of the Japan–United States Economic Relations Group

This supplemental report, an addition to the initial report created by the Japan–United States Economic Relations Group—a group whose task it was to make recommendations to Prime Minister Ohira and President Carter—discusses the reactions of the US and Japanese governments and the private sector to the initial report.