East Asia Insights | Japan Under the DPJ

This issue discusses the results of the August 30th general election, which brought a surprising LDP defeat, and the implications of this dramatic change for Japan’s domestic politics and foreign policy.

East Asia Insights | Japan’s Policy Agenda for East Asia

This issue discusses the test which Japanese foreign policy faces as the international system comes to be defined by multipolarity and multilateralism, and Japan’s policy proposals through which they hope to ensure long-term peace, stability, and prosperity in East Asia.

East Asia Insights | Nationalistic Sentiments in Japan and their Foreign Policy Implications

Foreign observers had noticed an increase in Japanese nationalism recently; this growing prominence of public sentiment in Japan is rooted in frustration over dual gaps, one between Japan’s security policy and the reality of today’s world and the second between contemporary Japan and its wartime past.

East Asia Insights | Japan’s Perspective on the Korean Peninsula

This issue discusses the situation on the Korean peninsula, where North Korea’s suspected nuclear weapons program, its missile program, and criminal misconduct act as a threat to the stability in Japan and Northeast Asia.

East Asia Insights | Japan and China at a Crossroads

This issue, in hopes of restructuring bilateral relations between Japan and China and improve the stability of the region, analyzes long-term geopolitical and structural changes that have been taking place in both countries, and around the world for the past two decades.

East Asia Insights | The ASEAN+3 and East Asia Summit: A Two-Tiered Approach to Community Building

This issue traces the background of the annual ASEAN+3 Summit and the first East Asia Summit, and analyzes the future path for East Asia community building.

East Asia Insights | Hatoyama’s Resignation and Japan’s Foreign Policy

This issue analyzes Hatoyama’s resignation, and the effects of his fall and of the establishment of the new Kan government on Japan’s foreign and national security policy.

East Asia Insights | Keeping the United States Engaged in Asia

This issue addresses the changing balance of power in East Asia–from Cold War bipolarity to post-Cold War unipolarity to a new power configuration tilting toward multipolarity–and the consequent debate on the future of US engagement in Asia

East Asia Insights | The Senkaku Islands and Mending Japan-China Relations

This issue discusses the recent incident involving the Senkaku islands, which caused turbulence in the Japan-China relationship; there are other political disagreements that have potential to raise tensions and escalate conflicts.

East Asia Insights | Rethinking Our Approach to the Korean Crisis

This issue focuses on the urgent problem of North Korea, looking back on the sinking of the Cheonan and the shelling of Yeonpyeong Island, and looking forward to the presidential elections in South Korea and the United States and a leadership change in China.