East Asia Insights | Five Myths about Dealing with North Korea: A Japanese Perspective

This issue discusses the validity of the oft-heard critiques of the February Joint Statement, which was created after North Korea conducted a series of missile tests in July, in addition to its first-ever nuclear weapons test in October.

East Asia Insights | Japanese Foreign Policy Under Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda

This issue addresses several questions about Fukuda’s election and its implications for Japan’s foreign policy, as Fukuda is likely to adopt a more subtle approach to foreign affairs.

East Asia Insights | A Japanese Perspective on US Policy toward East Asia

This issue contributes a series of suggestion, from the Japanese perspective, on how the United States can most effectively remain engaged and ensure the region’s continued peace and prosperity.

East Asia Insights | A Japanese Perspective on the China Question

This issue presents a Japanese perspective on “The China Question” and offers a series of policy prescriptions about how Japan should engage its increasingly powerful neighbor in the years ahead.

East Asia Insights | The Crisis of Global Governance and the Rise of East Asia

With the November US presidential election approaching, this special edition incorporates and expands elements raised in previous issues, examining them in the context of the global governance system, and the expectations for US leadership in reforming that system.

East Asia Insights | Revisiting the North Korea Issue

As the challenge of North Korea continues to loom large, the international community faces an environment of uncertainty following events such as Kim Jong-il’s health problems and Pyongyang’s recent move toward restarting activity at a nuclear reprocessing plant.

East Asia Insights | Getting China Policy Right

This issue discusses the massive scale of China’s expansion and scope of its global influence, and the need for a renewed emphasis on getting China policy right to maintain continued prosperity and stability in East Asia.

East Asia Insights | A New Vision for the US-Japan Alliance

This issue discusses the partnership between Japan and the United States, which must evolve into a more inclusive and comprehensive force for peace, stability, cooperation, and prosperity throughout the Asia Pacific region, and the world.

East Asia Insights | Japan Under the DPJ

This issue discusses the results of the August 30th general election, which brought a surprising LDP defeat, and the implications of this dramatic change for Japan’s domestic politics and foreign policy.

East Asia Insights | Japan’s Policy Agenda for East Asia

This issue discusses the test which Japanese foreign policy faces as the international system comes to be defined by multipolarity and multilateralism, and Japan’s policy proposals through which they hope to ensure long-term peace, stability, and prosperity in East Asia.