JCIE Publication | Moving the Needle on Gender Equity through US-Japan Collaboration

A report on the 2022 US-Japan Women Leaders Dialogue, held virtually, features recommendations based on the discussions among 40 women from politics, business, media, think tanks, and civil society.

JCIE Publication | Seeking the “Next Normal”—Creating a Post-Pandemic World Where Women (and Men) Can Thrive

A report on the 2021 US-Japan Women Leaders Dialogue, held virtually in March–April 2021, featuring a series of recommendations based on the discussions among 40 women from politics, business, media, think tanks, and civil society.

JCIE Publication | A Growing Force: Civil Society’s Role in Asian Regional Security

The authors explore the role of civil society organizations in responding to security threats in the five areas of piracy, disaster relief, human trafficking, health, and climate change, in order to analyze their effectiveness and what can be done to make them more successful.

JCIE Publications | Doing Well by Doing Good: Innovative Corporate Responses to Communicable Diseases

This book presents case studies of innovative approaches by 12 corporations to deal with the spread of AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis; the authors focus on the motivations behind corporate engagement and the evolution of these programs

JCIE Publications | The Asian Crisis and Human Security

This publication provides the speeches, background papers, and synopses of presentations and discussions from a dialogue carried out in response to Japan’s then-foreign minister Obuchi Keizo’s suggestion for “an intellectual dialogue on building Asia’s tomorrow.”

JCIE Publications | Half Empty or Half Full?

This book details the proceedings of private, intensive bilateral discussions and deliberations between Japanese and Europeans in the “Hakone” Conferences.

FGFJ Publications | Launching a Pandemic Financing Facility: Three Proposals & Their Implications for the Global Fund

This Friends of the Global Fund, Japan publication documents proposed reforms to financing facilities for the Global Fund, with JCIE Senior Fellow Jim discussing the significance of these proposals for the Global Fund.

JCIE Publications | New Shimoda Conference: Revitalizing Japan-US Strategic Partnership for a Changing World

This conference report details the ideas of the participants of the New Shimoda Conference. Their findings include reflections on the evolvement of the US-Japan relationship since 1967 and the United States’ role in ensuring a bilateral relationship.

JCIE Publications | The Pacific Community Concept: A Select Annotated Bibliography

The bibliography includes journal articles, conference papers, pamphlets, books, and newsletters, which demonstrate the broad interest in the concept of a Pacific community.

JCIE Publications | International Philanthropy Project of the Japan Center for International Exchange

This paper details the history of JCIE’s project, which was created to assist Japanese nonprofit foundations in developing contacts and working relationships with their American and European counterparts; this later expanded to exchange joint projects.