Reflecting on 20 Years at JCIE

James Gannon, executive director of JCIE/USA from 2001 to 2021, reflects on two decades of achievements and experiences in the field of US-Japan relations, learning from one of Japan’s foremost entrepreneurs in the field of citizen diplomacy and forging his own path in fields such as global health, disaster relief, and democratic governance.

Report from Special Commission on Development Assistance for Health Calls for New ODA Approach

A report from a high-level commission organized by JCIE calls for the Japanese government to better coordinate and strategize its health ODA by creating a centralized “control tower” and to double funding for global health.

Survey of Japanese Legislators: Attitudes on ODA and Global Health

A JCIE survey of Japanese legislators finds that 80 percent of the 92 respondents favor steps to increase Japan’s official development assistance (ODA), with most prioritizing funding for health programs and education, followed by water & sanitation projects and humanitarian assistance.

AHWIN Papers | Responding to the Needs of Older Persons During a Pandemic

The inaugural AHWIN Paper draws on an online panel discussion that explored what policy lessons can be learned from the experiences of the United States, Japan, and Malaysia during the COVID-19 pandemic to improve our ability to protect our older populations.

AHWIN Papers No. 2: The Impact and Future of Japan’s 8020 Campaign

The second publication in the “AHWIN Papers” series covers Japan’s nationwide campaign to help people retain more teeth into their later years, the success of which offers an important model for promoting health and active aging.

Civil Society Monitor | Special Edition (September 2012)

Friendship Across Borders: Nearly 100 US Sister City Organizations Raise Relief Funds for Japan

East Asia Insights | The Biden Administration’s Chance to Get Asia Policy Right – A View from Japan

The Biden administration faces complex challenges in maintaining peace, stability and prosperity while restoring multilateral diplomacy with East Asia. Overcoming these obstacles will require special attention to the US-China rivalry and a multilayered, functional approach to deepening cooperation in Asia.

JCIE Publications | JCIE at 50—Pioneering US-Japan Political Exchange

This report, compiled as part of JCIE’s commemoration of its 50th anniversary, is intended to serve as a record of US-Japan political and parliamentary exchange and offer JCIE’s perspective on how that exchange has impacted US-Japan relations.

JCIE Publications | Hopes and Challenges for the Global Financing Facility: Toward the Realization of the SDGs

With the goal of fostering the understanding of the GFF among people involved in global health and developmental assistance in Japan, JCIE conducted…

JCIE Publications | Political and Security Cooperation: A New Dimension in ASEAN-Japan Relations?

This book compiles updated versions of papers submitted to the ASEAN-Japan Dialogue Conference in 1984; authors analyze Japan’s expanding role in Southeast Asia in the wake of an American withdrawal from the region that began with the US defeat in the Vietnam War.