JCIE Publications | Health, Resilience, and Human Security: Moving Toward Health for All

This report identifies seven principles of human security and key features of successful human security approaches, in order to explain to health and development field experts what a human security approach is and its appropriate application.

JCIE Publications | Deciding the Public Good

This book provides a comprehensive perspective on the changing nature of governance and the evolution of the role of civil society in Japan, a country where bureaucracy has traditionally monopolized the determination of the public interest.

Civil Society Monitor | Special Edition (September 2012)

Friendship Across Borders: Nearly 100 US Sister City Organizations Raise Relief Funds for Japan

Civil Society Monitor | Law to Promote Specified Nonprofit Activities

An unofficial translation of the law, with major changes indicated.

Civil Society Monitor | Issue 9

• New Fundraising Initiatives Seek to Bolster Growth of Nonprofit Sector
• Weak Funding Environment Sparks Local-Level Efforts to Support NPOs
• Initial Report on Public Interest Corporation Reforms Stirs Further Debate

Civil Society Monitor | Issue 8

• New Legal Reform Efforts Receive Mixed Welcome
• Amendments to the NPO Law and Tax Bill Bring Increased Flexibility to Nonprofits
• Proposed Reforms Affecting Public Interest Corporations Spark Heated Debate

Civil Society Monitor | Issue 7

• Local Initiatives Support Nonprofit Organizations and Activities in Japan
• Japan Association of Charitable Organizations Launches New Project

Civil Society Monitor | Issue 6

• New Tax Bill Gives Partial Victory to NPOs
• Law Amending in Part the Special Tax Measures Law

Civil Society Monitor | Issue 5

• NPO Law and Civil Society’s New Phase of Development
• Corporate-NGO Partnership in Asia Pacific: JCIE Publishes Results of Case Study Project

Civil Society Monitor | Issue 4

• New NPO Law Fosters Enabling Environment
• Selected Annotated Bibliography of Literature on the Nonprofit Sector in Japan