Civil Society Monitor | Issue 1

• The Recent Debate on the Role of NPOs in Japan and Private-Sector Responses
• Keidanren Mission to Explore Corporate Support for NPOs
Emerging Civil Society Awarded Masayoshi Ohira Memorial Award

JCIE Publications | Commemorative Events/Reversion of Okinawa

These papers, presented at a two-day seminar in honor of the reversion of Okinawa, discuss the prelude to the reversion, the decision-making processes in American and Japanese governments, and the postlude to the reversion.

JCIE Publications | Challenges for China-Japan-US Cooperation

This book, a collection of eight essays, consider what is necessary to build a cooperative trilateral relationship between China, Japan, and the United States, and what Japan in particular can do in the context of this triangle.

JCIE Global Health Special Series | Are Disease-Specific Approaches Compatible with the Goal of Achieving Universal Health Coverage?

In a world with finite resources, it is difficult to prioritize between focused, disease-specific intervention programs and programs to build the systemic foundations for access to a basic package of health services. In this article, JCIE investigates the effects of funding programs that target one specific disease, specifically in Ethiopia and Burma.

Research Team Trialogue: The Spread of COVID-19 and Its Impact on Global Democracy

Transcription of dialogue on COVID-19’s impact on democracy

East Asia Insights | Deepening US-Japan Strategic Cooperation on China and the Indo-Pacific

The new Biden administration has emphasized the importance of cooperation with East Asian allies to uphold a stable, rules-based regional order, while at the same time seeking a tough and united approach to dealing with China. Hitoshi Tanaka examines what the US and Japan must consider as they look to deepen their cooperation with regard to China and the Indo-Pacific region.

East Asia Insights | The Biden Administration’s Chance to Get Asia Policy Right—A View from Japan

The Biden administration faces complex challenges in maintaining peace, stability and prosperity while restoring multilateral diplomacy with East Asia. Overcoming these obstacles will require special attention to the US-China rivalry and a multilayered, functional approach to deepening cooperation in Asia.

Leveraging Technology for the Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing: Experiences of China, Japan and the Republic of Korea

DOWNLOAD THE REPORT As part of our program on Aging in Asia,  three  JCIE staff members contributed case studies to a report developed by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP). Staff presented their findings at the UNESCAP Expert Group Meeting on Technology for Active Ageing on May 6, […]

Reflecting on 20 Years at JCIE

James Gannon, executive director of JCIE/USA from 2001 to 2021, reflects on two decades of achievements and experiences in the field of US-Japan relations, learning from one of Japan’s foremost entrepreneurs in the field of citizen diplomacy and forging his own path in fields such as global health, disaster relief, and democratic governance.

Report from Special Commission on Development Assistance for Health Calls for New ODA Approach

A report from a high-level commission organized by JCIE calls for the Japanese government to better coordinate and strategize its health ODA by creating a centralized “control tower” and to double funding for global health.