Japan’s Historic Immigration Reform: A Work in Progress

Toshihiro Menju analyzes the recent, controversial new reforms and their implications for Japanese immigration policy and the future of Japanese society.

Opening the Door to Incoming Workers

An analysis of the rise in non-Japanese residents and workers in Japan, including a breakdown of how various nationalities are represented and what sectors they tend to join in the workforce.

Japan May Allow Immigration of Hong Kong Financial Sector, Specialized Workers

Article on Japan potentially allowing immigration of Hong Kong financial sector workers. Features quotes from Toshihiro Menju, Managing Director and Chief Program Officer at JCIE

Global Health Needs US-Japan Partnership

Jim Gannon, Executive Director of JCIE/USA, calls for greater US-Japan partnership on pandemic response and global health in this piece for the Council on Foreign Relations’ Asia Unbound blog, pointing out key areas where cooperation is needed.

Japan’s Friendship with the US Remains Unshakable

This opinion piece was written by Ambassador Koji Tomita, who references a 2016 JCIE survey on US givings in the Great Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami disaster response.

The Time Has Come for a COVID-19 Marshall Plan

“In his announcement of COVID-19 vaccine donations, President Biden evoked World War II by vowing that the U.S. will be the world’s “arsenal of vaccines.” It is time to instead harken back to the immediate postwar period, specifically to the Marshall Plan.” In this opinion piece published in The Hill James Gannon, Senior Fellow at […]

Japan’s Olympic-Size Gamble on COVID-19

“The world’s eyes are on the Tokyo Olympics and whether Japan can hold COVID-19 at bay in order to pull off the games. While a handful of high-profile athletes have tested positive and Tokyo’s—and Japan’s—caseload has surged to record levels, so far, the Japanese government is winning its bet that it can power through. But it […]

How Japan’s New PM Can Take a Lead in Improving Global Health

“Kishida managed to make his case to Japanese voters as to why his plans to battle and arrest the COVID-19 pandemic at home, one of the top issues of concern, will be different from that of his predecessor. The new prime minister would serve the country well, however, by also ensuring that Japan plays a […]

Multilateral Renovation and Innovation: Don’t Let a Crisis Go to Waste

“In 2022, we have reached a turning point where concerted efforts are needed to revitalize international institutions—and this makes it crucial to heed the lessons from recent history about making multilateral cooperation more effective.”

Challenges Ahead as Japan Seeks More Women Workers

Sally Herships writes on the conflict between an increased need for women workers in Japan and the multitude of obstacles facing working mothers that keep them from staying in the workforce.