Japan’s Long-term Care Dilemma: Immigrants or Robots?

Sally Herships explores the problems surrounding Japan’s growing elderly population, and the question of whether turning to migrant workers would be a practical solution.

A Vote for Trump is a Vote for China

Isaac Stone Fish writes on how Donald Trump’s policies benefit China and the effect this has on the US-Japan relationship.

President Trump? Among U.S. Allies, Japan May be One of the Most Anxious About That Idea

By Julie Makinen
Is Japan gaga for Donald Trump? That was the impression created by a spellbinding YouTube video that went viral last week. Despite the video’s popularity, the reality is that perhaps no U.S. ally is as anxious and befuddled about the prospect of a President Trump as Japan.

What’s Hot in Japan Right Now? Los Angeles, Circa 1976

Julie Makinen highlights the social fascination with a 40 year-old Japanese magazine depicting West Coast life, and how reactions to it have changed or stayed the same among Japanese readers.

Japan in Transition: Economic Realities Mean Japan Must Confront its Reluctance to Accept Immigrants

Japan is currently home to the world’s most rapidly aging population, while declining birth rates and low immigration mean Japan is expected to lose a million people a year in the coming decades. Depopulation and aging mean Japan faces one of the world’s most severe labour shortages, leaving the country little choice but to change its insular views on immigration.

There Are More Adult Diapers Sold in Japan Than Baby Diapers

Japan is now arguably the oldest country in the world. It’s not like you couldn’t see it walking around Tokyo or the countryside. But one of the biggest indicators of this shift is that, with declining birthrates and over 25% of the population aged over 65, there are now more diapers produced for adults than for babies.

Dogfights in Japan Are a Family Outing

With a long cultural history and deep ties to the yakuza, dog fighting is a lucrative business in Japan. Laws surrounding the fights are vague and rarely enforced, with members of the Japanese Animal Welfare Society fearing retaliation if they protest the violent practice.

Toilet Power: Toyota Is Using Sewage Sludge to Power Its New Electric Car

Hydrogen fuel cell cars could help solve the global warming crisis, but nobody wants to buy them. But Toyota thinks it may have found a solution. For unlimited clean energy, it’s turning to one of the dirtiest places there is: the toilet.

Immersive Learning: A Haunted House in Japan Teaches Citizens Earthquake Preparedness

At the Tokyo Rinkai Disaster Prevention Park, visitors go through an “experience learning facility” where they’re taught how to survive in the immediate aftermath of a major natural disaster. In a country like Japan, where major earthquakes threaten to kill thousands and decimate GDP, this kind of simulation training could be invaluable to the civilian population.

Microsoft’s Futuristic Headset Strategy: Pilots Over Zombie Hunters

Jay Greene discusses emerging augmented-reality technology from Microsoft and the way it is being incorporated into the pilot-training process at Japan Airlines.