Press Briefing on Population Decline and Immigration Policy

Toshihiro Menju speaks at the Foreign Press Center of Japan on the policy measures Japan should adopt to attract and support foreign residents as a way to address population aging.

Kishida shows leadership at TICAD on global health and security

This piece by JCIE/USA Executive Director Kazuyo Kato highlights the significant of Japan’s recent pledge to the Global Fund, made at TICAD8.

Japan and America Can Restore a Healthy World Order

This piece by JCIE Senior Fellow Jim Gannon and Friends of the Global Fight Chief Policy Officer Mark Lagon highlights the history of US-Japan collaboration on health, and how the two countries can continue creating more sustainable and equitable health systems.

The Struggle for Democracy in Asia Deserves Our Support

This piece by Freedom House President Michael Abramawitz highlights recent trends in democracy in Asia and beyond, as well as Mr. Abramawitz’s attendance at the recent Sunnylands Initiative Retreat in Odawara, Japan.

JCIE/USA Fellow and Board Members Featured in Special COVID Edition of Global Asia

“The COVID-19 pandemic has laid bare the lack of high-level political leadership in co-ordinating global action against the pandemic, with resultant failures in securing agreement between governments in support of common goals and alignment of efforts to tackle health, social and economic challenges. As a result, coherent global strategic directions in pandemic response have not […]

It’s Time for a Japan-US Pandemic Partnership

Beyond their moral responsibility, Japan and the United States have compelling interests in doing more together to battle COVID-19 internationally.

Malaysia’s Path to Becoming Ageing Nation Fast Even By Global Standards

“MyAgeing was awarded with the 2021 Special Prize for Covid-19 Response for its contribution in helping the elderly during the pandemic… The award was part of the Japanese government’s Asia Health and Wellbeing Initiative (AHWIN) and co-managed by the Economic Research Institute for Asean and East Asia (ERIA) and the Japan Centre for International Exchange (JCIE).”

Invite Foreign Interns to Settle in Japan, Think Tank Says

Japan Times coverage of a policy proposal put forth as part of JCIE’s program on Population Decline & Immigration., which recommends that Japan replace its discredited national foreigners’ trainee program with a system that invites overseas interns to settle in Japan.

LBO Focus: Japan’s Aging Population Burnishes Health Deals

The Japanese government realizes the country lacks a sufficient capacity of nursing homes and senior-care facilities. For the past five years, the government has worked to incentivize the private sector to take on the task of building nursing homes and other such health-care facilities. To attract this kind of development, the government has provided subsidies for the construction costs of new facilities as well as discounts on property taxes.

Japan Exasperated by Trump’s Trade Policies

As US farmers suffer under high tariffs, Japanese officials are in no rush to cut a new trade deal with the United States.