New Award for Innovations in Aging

JCIE, together with the Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia, launched a new award program to recognize innovative approaches in Asia to the various challenges facing aging populations in the region.

Democracy for the Future | Diet Roundtable with NED Vice President Brian Joseph

National Endowment for Democracy (NED) Vice President Brian Joseph spoke about the role of nongovernmental organizations such as the NED in supporting democracies to a group of 15 Diet members as well as six staff from Diet offices. The group discussed a wide range of topics in relation to democracy support and the state of democracy in Asia, including challenges with Myanmar’s democratization process, challenges surrounding the situation in Hong Kong, and Japan’s role as the region faces setbacks to democracy.

Diet Women’s Study Group | 5th Meeting

The Study Group met with AI expert Kenji Kushida to learn about the impact that artificial intelligence is having on the economy and society, and what opportunities lie ahead for Japan.

JCIE/USA Executive Seminar | The Congressional Agenda

On December 6, two alumni of JCIE’s Congressional Staff Exchange program participated in JCIE/USA Roundtables in New York. The two senior Congressional staff—one Republican and one Democrat—spoke about a range of trade issues before the US Congress, what further legislation we are likely to see in the coming year, and what this means for US-Japan relations.

Japanese-German Forum | 28th Forum

Japanese and German politicians, policy experts, business leaders, and journalists gathered in Tokyo to discuss key issues for Japan, Germany, and their bilateral relationship.

Welcoming Foreign Workers and Japan’s Future | Fukuoka Symposium

JCIE’s Roundtable on Japan’s Migration Policy held an outreach symposium in Fukuoka to discuss topics their recommendations and seek input on immigration-related issues in Japan.

Listening to the Views of Migrants—Japanese and Korean Societies Living with Migrants

A diverse group of experts on immigration and representatives from the immigrant communities of both Japan and Korea gathered for this symposium to share the lessons of the Japan–South Korea Immigration Policy Exchange Program, which JCIE has been running since November 2017 with the generous support of the Toyota Foundation.

AHWIN Forum | Achieving Healthy Aging in Asia—Envisioning Better Care for Older Adults

Capitalizing on this year’s gathering in Japan of health ministers and government officials for the G20 Health Ministers’ Meeting, JCIE worked with the Government of Japan and ERIA to co-organize the 2019 AHWIN Forum as part of its program on Healthy and Active Aging in Asia.

Roundtable on Japan’s Migration Policy | 4th Meeting

The third in a series of roundtables that are exploring the content of Japanese laws concerning foreigners residing in Japan.

Next Steps on UHC—Moving Forward from the G20 and HLM-UHC

JCIE, in cooperation with the UN Foundation, convened a small, high-level roundtable of global health experts and policymakers on the morning after the UN High-Level Meeting on UHC to discuss what the next steps should be to turn the commitments in recent forums into concrete action, maintain momentum in advancing UHC in low- and middle-income countries, and encourage Japan and other countries to continue to lead on the UHC agenda.