Diet Women’s Study Group | 7th Meeting

Yoko Takeda, Chief Economist and General Manager, Research Center for Policy and Economy, Mitsubishi Research Institute, met with the Diet Women’s Study Group to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the global economy and Japan’s post-pandemic future.

3rd US-Japan Global Health Dialogue | Strengthening Partnership on Global Health

The 3rd US-Japan Global Health Dialogue brought together nearly 50 senior government officials, legislators, health experts and leaders from international organizations to discuss what they can do together to advance health security around the world. Participants discussed international financing mechanisms for global health security, global pandemic preparedness, and the potential for cooperation on for biorisk and health emergencies.

2nd US-Japan Global Health Dialogue | Strengthening Partnership on Global Health

JCIE continued its US-Japan Global Health Dialogue series to explore how the two countries can strengthen bilateral cooperation on health security under the Trump and Abe administrations. This second meeting convened more than 40 high-level government officials and policy experts from the United States and Japan.

1st US-Japan Global Health Dialogue | Strengthening Partnership on Global Health

More than 30 policy experts and senior officials from nine US and Japanese government agencies gathered for a high-level dialogue to identify areas where we can deepen cooperation on global health under the Trump administration and Abe government.

GFF Seminar Series | Introducing the Global Financing Facility

JCIE launched the GFF Seminar series in 2020 as part of its efforts to deepen understanding of how the Japanese government, NGOs, and others can coordinate more effectively with the GFF in order to strengthen maternal and child health and expand universal health coverage in the world’s most vulnerable countries.

JCIE’s 50th Anniversary Commemorative Interview Series

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of JCIE’s establishment in Japan, we have recorded a series of interviews with some of the people we have worked closely with over the years.

Trilateral Commission | 2020 Meetings—Virtual Conversations

The Trilateral Commission’s regional and plenary meetings have been postponed until 2021 due to the pandemic, but virtual conversations have been held and are available to the public on the Commission website.

Sumitomo Corporation Partners with JCIE to Assist the Supporting Youths of Diverse Roots and an Inclusive Society (SYDRIS) Initiative

Sumitomo Corporation has announced that they will partner with JCIE on the Supporting Youths of Diverse Roots and an Inclusive Society (SYDRIS) Initiative , which was launched earlier this year in Japan

Webinar | Building Partnerships and Cooperation to Support Democratic Governance in the Indo-Pacific

As part of our program on Democratic Governance, JCIE hosted a webinar to discuss the “Sunnylands Principles on Enhancing Democratic Partnerships in the Indo-Pacific Region.” Over 50 people attended the discussion, which focused on the challenges to democracy and the international order that have emerged as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. In particular, the […]

Researchers Meeting | The Impact of COVID-19 on the Cross-Border Movement of the Long-Term Care Workforce

Capitalizing on this year’s gathering in Japan of health ministers and government officials for the G20 Health Ministers’ Meeting, JCIE worked with the Government of Japan and ERIA to co-organize the 2019 AHWIN Forum as part of its program on Healthy and Active Aging in Asia.