30th FGFJ Diet Task Force Meeting | Global Fund ED Peter Sands Discusses COVID-19 Impact on Three Major Diseases

The FGFJ Diet Task Force held an online roundtable with Peter Sands, who briefed 14 Diet members on the expansion of COVID-19 in lower- and middle-income countries (LMIC), the impact that is having on the fights against HIV/AIDS, TB, and malaria, and the Global Fund’s role in assisting these countries.

Democracy for the Future | Meeting of Civil Society Leaders on COVID-19 and Challenges to Democratic Values

JCIE brought together a group of civil society leaders for an online discussion on the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic for civil society and the challenges it might pose to democratic values in Asia.

Responding to the Needs of Older People During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Sharing Lessons Learned

This webinar shared lessons from the United States on how the epidemic has impacted older persons, particularly those in long-term care facilities and offered a platform to share observations on the US experience—including both challenges and best practices—and compared that with the experience to date in Japan and Malaysia to draw out lessons that can inform policy for the COVID-19 pandemic and for future outbreaks as well.

US-Japan Parliamentary Exchange | Japan-US Legislators Dialogue: The Impact of Legislative Exchanges and Opportunities to Strengthen Bilateral Relations

JCIE and a coalition of US-Japan groups co-hosted a webinar bringing together Japanese and US legislators to discuss the importance of legislative exchange.

JCIE Partners with Japan Women’s Leadership Initiative on COVID-19 Joint Philanthropic Initiative

JCIE is workingwith the Japanese Women’s Leadership Initiative and the Fish Family Foundation to facilitate small grants to 7 organizations in Japan to help them respond to the needs arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.

29th FGFJ Diet Task Force Meeting on Climate Variation’s Impact on Malaria

On March 10, the JCIE/FGFJ Diet Task Force met with Dr. Noboru Minakawa and Dr. Shigeyuki Kano to discuss the relationship between climate variation and malaria. The topic generated a high level of interest among Task Force members, with 11 Diet members participating in productive discussions that will be highlighted in an upcoming report.

Global Health Diet Roundtable | Update on the Regional COVID-19 Situation

On April 21, JCIE held its Fifth Global Health Diet Roundtable where more than a dozen Diet members were briefed on the current global COVID-19 situation by World Health Organization (WHO) Western Pacific Regional Director, Takeshi Kasai. Dr. Kasai highlighted the importance of more well-thought-out testing strategies as well as the need for international cooperation on the global shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Democracy for the Future | Launch of New Japanese-Language Website

As part of JCIE’s program to expand support for democratic governance, a new website has been launched to serve as a Japanese-language hub to share information and resources on this subject.

Women’s Leadership | Webinar on Global Women in Science

As part of its program on Women’s Leadership, JCIE served as a co-host on this webinar highlighting the stories of two young women leaders in science and the challenges they have faced.

TV Celebrity JOY Joins FGFJ for a World Tuberculosis Day Special Interview

For World Tuberculosis Day, the Japan Center for International Exchange (JCIE)/Friends of the Global Fund, Japan (FGFJ) released a special interview with TV personality JOY, who contracted tuberculosis in 2011. He suffered from the disease for several months before fully recovering and was later appointed as the “Stop TB Volunteer Ambassador.”