Civil Society Monitor | Issue 14

• Can Japan Welcome Immigrants? A Shrinking Population Spurs a Growing Debate

Civil Society Monitor | Special Edition (March 2012)

US Giving in Response to Japan’s March 11 Disaster Tops $630 Million

Civil Society Monitor | Special Edition (March 2016)

US Giving for Japan Disaster Nears $750 Million

Civil Society Monitor | Special Edition (September 2012)

Friendship Across Borders: Nearly 100 US Sister City Organizations Raise Relief Funds for Japan

Civil Society Monitor | Law to Promote Specified Nonprofit Activities

An unofficial translation of the law, with major changes indicated.

Civil Society Monitor | Issue 9

• New Fundraising Initiatives Seek to Bolster Growth of Nonprofit Sector
• Weak Funding Environment Sparks Local-Level Efforts to Support NPOs
• Initial Report on Public Interest Corporation Reforms Stirs Further Debate

Civil Society Monitor | Issue 8

• New Legal Reform Efforts Receive Mixed Welcome
• Amendments to the NPO Law and Tax Bill Bring Increased Flexibility to Nonprofits
• Proposed Reforms Affecting Public Interest Corporations Spark Heated Debate

Civil Society Monitor | Issue 7

• Local Initiatives Support Nonprofit Organizations and Activities in Japan
• Japan Association of Charitable Organizations Launches New Project

Civil Society Monitor | Issue 6

• New Tax Bill Gives Partial Victory to NPOs
• Law Amending in Part the Special Tax Measures Law

Civil Society Monitor | Issue 5

• NPO Law and Civil Society’s New Phase of Development
• Corporate-NGO Partnership in Asia Pacific: JCIE Publishes Results of Case Study Project