JCIE Publication | Moving the Needle on Gender Equity through US-Japan Collaboration

A report on the 2022 US-Japan Women Leaders Dialogue, held virtually, features recommendations based on the discussions among 40 women from politics, business, media, think tanks, and civil society.

The US and Japan as G7 Champions of Health and Democracy

“The U.S.-Japan alliance, which has been the bedrock for peace and security in the Indo-Pacific region for over 70 years, is as strong as ever today…. Now is the time to build on the strength of this alliance to enhance their global collaboration, particularly to strengthen health security and democratic resilience.”  In this op-ed published […]

JCIE Publication | Seeking the “Next Normal”—Creating a Post-Pandemic World Where Women (and Men) Can Thrive

A report on the 2021 US-Japan Women Leaders Dialogue, held virtually in March–April 2021, featuring a series of recommendations based on the discussions among 40 women from politics, business, media, think tanks, and civil society.

Press Briefing on Population Decline and Immigration Policy

Toshihiro Menju speaks at the Foreign Press Center of Japan on the policy measures Japan should adopt to attract and support foreign residents as a way to address population aging.

JCIE’s G7 Global Health Task Force Publishes Comments in the Lancet

Hiroshima G7 Global Health Task Force

The Lancet published a comment from the Hiroshima G7 Global Health Task Force, outlining the Task Force’s recommendations for tackling some of the main challenges in global health: advancing the resilience of health systems to address public health emergencies and enhancing global solidarity by transforming the global health architecture within the context of current geopolitical tensions.

Kishida Shows Leadership at TICAD on Global Health and Security

This piece by JCIE/USA Executive Director Kazuyo Kato highlights the significant of Japan’s recent pledge to the Global Fund, made at TICAD8.

Japan and America Can Restore a Healthy World Order

This piece by JCIE Senior Fellow Jim Gannon and Friends of the Global Fight Chief Policy Officer Mark Lagon highlights the history of US-Japan collaboration on health, and how the two countries can continue creating more sustainable and equitable health systems.

The Struggle for Democracy in Asia Deserves Our Support

This piece by Freedom House President Michael Abramawitz highlights recent trends in democracy in Asia and beyond, as well as Mr. Abramawitz’s attendance at the recent Sunnylands Initiative Retreat in Odawara, Japan.

JCIE Publication | A Growing Force: Civil Society’s Role in Asian Regional Security

The authors explore the role of civil society organizations in responding to security threats in the five areas of piracy, disaster relief, human trafficking, health, and climate change, in order to analyze their effectiveness and what can be done to make them more successful.

JCIE Publications | Doing Well by Doing Good: Innovative Corporate Responses to Communicable Diseases

This book presents case studies of innovative approaches by 12 corporations to deal with the spread of AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis; the authors focus on the motivations behind corporate engagement and the evolution of these programs