Japan’s Democracy: Lessons and Reflections 3 | Civil Society, Diversity, and Media

This report transcribes discussions that took place as part of JCIE’s project on “Japan’s Democracy: Lessons and Reflections”. The report details the contents of the 3rd dialogue to take place as part of this project, which focused on civil society, diversity, and the media.

Research Team Trialogue: The Spread of COVID-19 and Its Impact on Global Democracy

This transcription shares a conversation between three JCIE research team members from the project on Expanding Support for Democratic Governance on their assessments of the current state of democracy in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Research Team Trialogue 2: The Spread of COVID-19 and Its Impact on Global Democracy

This transcription of a discussion between three research team members from JCIE’s project on Expanding Support for Democratic Governance focuses on the potential threats to democracy in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the election of US President Joe Biden.

Democracy for the Future | Launch of New Japanese-Language Website

As part of JCIE’s program to expand support for democratic governance, a new website has been launched to serve as a Japanese-language hub to share information and resources on this subject.

Democracy for the Future Website

Democracy for the future Website April 2020 On April 1, 2020, JCIE officially launched a new, Japanese-language website as part of its program on Expanding Support for Democratic Governance. The website targets scholars, policymakers, and other experts in Japan and features a range of resources—including original essays by the project’s “Democracy for the Future” study […]

Democracy for the Future | CSO Roundtable on Japan’s Support in Addressing the Global Crisis for Democracy and Human Rights

JCIE hosted a roundtable which brought together participants from a variety of Japanese and international CSOs to discuss what kind of support is needed from japan to support democracy and human rights.

JCIE Publication | Japan’s Support for Democracy-Related Issues: Mapping Survey

Background and examples of Japan’s work on democracy-related issues, compiled as part of JCIE’s program on Expanding Support for Democratic Governance.

Democracy for the Future | Roundtable on Shared Values in Asian Led Efforts to Defend and Support Democracy

JCIE brought together a group of leaders in the field to discuss the question of shared values in Asian led efforts to support and defend democracy

US-Japan Parliamentary Exchange | 2019 Japanese Diet Delegation to the US

The 2019 US-Japan Parliamentary Exchange Program brought the 30th delegation of Japanese diet members and parliamentarians to the US, where they met and engaged in discussions with members of Congress and their staff, journalists, and policy experts.

Webinar | Building Partnerships and Cooperation to Support Democratic Governance in the Indo-Pacific

As part of our program on Democratic Governance, JCIE hosted a webinar to discuss the “Sunnylands Principles on Enhancing Democratic Partnerships in the Indo-Pacific Region.” Over 50 people attended the discussion, which focused on the challenges to democracy and the international order that have emerged as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. In particular, the […]