Sponsored by the Toshiba International Foundation, the Toshiba Youth Conference for a Sustainable Future brings together high school students and teachers from Japan, Poland, Thailand, and the United States to encourage the students to deepen their awareness of environmental issues and to take the lead in their communities in working toward a better future. The program also seeks to enhance the teachers’ ability to promote environmental, scientific, and intercultural communication education.

JCIE worked with Toshiba and BeGood Cafe, a Japanese environmental nonprofit, to facilitate the development of the program and helped carry out the program in its initial years.

This program is unique for its multilateral nature and its potential, in addition to forming ties of international friendship, to strengthen international exchange between students through an action-oriented focus on common issues that span national boundaries. During the weeklong camp in Japan, the students and teachers participate in an intensive program designed to promote a broader understanding of environmental issues, including group research projects, field visits, and discussions with their fellow participants from other countries.

Prior to each conference, the student participants compose reports on local environmental issues and exchange views through a dedicated website. After returning to their respective countries, the students can keep in touch via the website, and it is hoped that these continued interactions will help encourage the development of a long-term network of environmentally conscious young leaders committed to creating a better future.


July 31–August 6, 2010  |  Tokyo and Kamogawa

Theme: “Halve CO2 Emissions by 20—Save Energy; Create Energy; Begin a New Lifestyle”


July 31–August 7, 2009  |  Yokohama and Kamogawa

Theme: “Halve CO2 Emissions by 2050—Achieving the Best Mix of Energy Resources”


July 22–28, 2008  |  Yokohama

Theme: “Efficient Energy Consumption for a Sustainable Society”