Recognizing that the voices of women continue to be underrepresented in discussions of key policy issues facing both Japanese and American societies, JCIE launched the US-Japan Women Leaders Dialogue in 2017 as part of the Empowering Women Leaders Program  to convene women leaders from varying walks of life. The dialogue is intended to bring women’s perspectives more fully into the discourse on US-Japan relations, but also to explore how women can overcome the obstacles they face in their respective careers as they seek to make their voices heard on a more sustained basis, and to foster closer connections among leaders in the two countries. 

The first dialogue was held at the beautiful Pocantico Conference Center of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, with support from the Henry Luce Foundation and the Japan–US Friendship Commission. It included five members of a Diet delegation traveling to the United States on JCIE’s Parliamentary Exchange Program, including Internal Affairs Minister Seiko Noda, the highest-ranking woman presently serving in the Japanese Cabinet. A group of 25 inspirational women (and a few men) from the political, business, think tank, academic, media, and philanthropic sectors joined to discuss ways to advance women’s leadership in domestic politics and business, work-life balance, and broader issues of policy concern: the US-Japan alliance and promoting stability in Asia Pacific, US-Japan cooperation in supporting the international order, and the shared challenges of globalization and economic populism. 


2022 US-Japan Women Leaders Dialogue | Tokyo Meetings

May 29, 2022


A roundtable on recent developments in women’s issues was held, taking advantage of a visit to Japan by Dialogue Co-chair Rep. Diana DeDegette (D-CO). This was followed by a smaller lunch meeting that…

2022 US-Japan Women Leaders Dialogue

January–March 2022


JCIE is holding the 2022 US-Japan Women Leaders Dialogue, a three-part virtual discussion bringing together more than 40 women leaders from across multiple sectors from the United States and Japan. Th…

Report of the 2021 US-Japan Women Leaders Dialogue | Seeking the "Next Normal"—Creating a Post-Pandemic World Where Women (and Men) Can Thrive

July 2021

Kimberly Gould Ashizawa

A report on the 2021 US-Japan Women Leaders Dialogue, held virtually in March–April 2021, featuring a series of recommendations based on the discussions among 40 women from politics, business, media,…

US-Japan Women Leaders Dialogue

March–April 2021


JCIE held a three-session, online US-Japan Women Leaders Dialogue to convene top women leaders from varying walks of life. Two leading legislators, Hon. Seiko Noda and Hon. Diana DeGette, were the co-…

Common Ground and Common Obstacles: US-Japan Women Leaders Dialogue


Japan Center for International Exchange

Highlights of a two-day discussion among American and Japanese women leaders on the shared political, security, and societal challenges facing their countries and on ways to advance women’s leadership…

US-Japan Women Leaders Dialogue

September 15–17, 2017

Tarrytown, NY

JCIE held the first US-Japan Women Leaders Dialogue to convene top women leaders from varying walks of life in both countries, including four diet members of a Diet delegation traveling to the United…

Tadashi Yamamoto Memorial Seminar | Women in Japanese Politics and Society

September 12, 2017

Washington DC

Hosted by the Council of Foreign Relations, 2017’s Tadashi Yamamoto Memorial Seminar featured a panel of four up-and-coming Diet members who discussed the difficulties they face in participating as wo…

The launch of this dialogue program was made possible through the generous support of the Henry Luce Foundation and the Japan-US Friendship Commission.