United States-Japan Advisory Commission (1983–1984 Wisemen’s Group)

The United States–Japan Advisory Commission was jointly established in May 1983 by then President Reagan and then Prime Minister Nakasone to review issues in the bilateral relationship from a long-term perspective and to make recommendations on the conduct of the relationship.

US-Japan Dialogue on Asia

In May 1999, a small meeting of 18 top opinion leaders from Japan and the United States was convened in Tarrytown, New York, by former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and former Secretary-General of the Liberal Democratic Party Koichi Kato. The goal of the meeting was to discuss future US-Japan cooperation in Asia.

Transnational Civil Society and International Governance

This project is designed to analyze and clarify transnational civl society’s possible contributions and limitations. Workshops were held in December 1998 in Hawaii and in March 1999 in Paris to review the group’s findings, and the research was published in 2000.

The Vacuum of Political Leadership in Japan and its Future Trajectory

JCIE convened a team of emerging leaders—individuals with a scholarly grounding but also real world experience in national politics and policymaking—to explore the future trajectory of political leadership and its implications for foreign policy, especially US–Japan relations.

The Nongovernmental Underpinnings of the Emerging Asia Pacific Regional Community

In December 1994, JCIE, along with the Asia Foundation, the Institute for East and West Studies of Yonsei University, and Philippine Business for Social Progress, organized a conference in Osaka, Japan, on “Developing Nongovernmental Underpinnings of the Emerging Asia Pacific Regional Community.”

The Role of Philanthropy in Postwar US-Japan Relations

This project was designed to fill gaps in the knowledge of US-Japan relations and shed light on the historic role of philanthropy and civil society in international relations.

The Intellectual Infrastructure for East Asian Community Building

JCIE undertook a study project that surveyed the current state of the intellectual network within the East Asian region and researched strategies for strengthening the intellectual infrastructure for East Asian community-building.

The Civil Society Sector and NGO Activities in Asia and Europe—International Survey Project

The Japan Institute for Social and Economic Affairs (Keizai Koho Center) and JCIE, recognizing the need for healthy partnerships between the business and civil society sectors, launched a survey of NGOs designed to contribute to the building of sound cross-sectoral partnerships.

Ten Years of Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM)

On the occasion of ASEM’s tenth anniversary, the Foreign Ministries of Finland and Japan sponsored a research project, “ASEM’s Role in Enhancing Asia-Europe Cooperation: Ten Years of Achievements and Future Challenges,” to evaluate the ASEM process and explore future possibilities.

Strategic Assistance | Asia Pacific Stability and Disaster Relief

A joint research program between the National Bureau of Asian Research (NBR) and JCIE that explored how the United States and Japan can elevate humanitarian assistance and disaster relief (HA/DR) operations to be a key component of their combined regional security strategy.