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UK-Japan 21st Century Group Webinar | The Future Direction of Japan Under Prime Minister Suga

February 25, 2021 | Online

The UK-Japan 21st Century Group  held its first online webinar to discuss Japan’s future under Prime Minister Suga.

UK-Japan 21st Century Group | 37th Conference

September 11–12, 2020 | Online

The 37th annual meeting of the UK-Japan 21st Century Group was held online due to the COVID-19 pandemic with the participation of 20 members from each country, who held discussions on the latest polit…

UK-Japan 21st Century Group | 36th Conference

September 6–8, 2019 | London and Cantebury

The 36th annual meeting of the UK-Japan 21st Century Group convened in London and Cantebury at the height of a dramatic period in the Brexit saga as Prime Minister Boris Johnson had just announced pla…

Trilateral Commission | 2019 Plenary Meeting

June 14–16, 2019 | Paris

The Trilateral Commission held its 2019 meeting in Paris, drawing hundreds of leaders from around the globe to promote dialogue on key issues facing the international community.

UK-Japan 21st Century Group | 35th Conference

August 31–September 2, 2018 | Tokyo and Kamakura

The 35th annual meeting of the UK-Japan 21st Century Group convened in Japan on August 31–September 2, 2018. The group held in-depth discussions on a broad range of issues impacting the two countries…

Trilateral Commission | 2017 Asia Pacific Group Regional Meeting

November 25, 2017 | Tokyo

The Asia Pacific Group of the Trilateral Commission held its annual regional meeting in Tokyo, gathering more than 70 members, guests, fellows, and invited speakers.

26th Japanese-German Forum

November 15–17, 2017 | Berlin, Germany

At the 26th Japanese-German Forum, more than 40 Japanese and German politicians, policy experts, business leaders, and journalists gathered in Berlin to discuss key issues facing Japan, Germany, and t…

UK-Japan 21st Century Group | 34th Conference

September 7–10, 2017 | London, Cambridge, United Kingdom

The 34th annual meeting of the UK-Japan 21st Century Group convened in the UK on September 7–10, 2017, in London and Cambridge. The group held in-depth discussions on a broad range of issues relating…

25th Japanese-German Forum

October 19–20, 2016 | Berlin, Germany

On October 18–20, more than 40 Japanese and German politicians, policy experts, business leaders, and journalists gathered in Berlin to discuss key issues facing Japan, Germany, and their bilateral re…

UK-Japan 21st Century Group | 33rd Conference

October 6–9, 2016 | Tokyo

The 33rd annual meeting of the UK-Japan 21st Century Group convened in Japan on October 6–9. The group held discussions on a broad range of issues that affect the two countries and their relationship.

24th Japanese-German Forum

October 27–29, 2015 | Tokyo

The 24th Japanese-German Forum was held on October 27–29, 2015 in Tokyo. Discussions focused on three topics: “Domestic Challenges and Political Response,” “Growth and Well-Being in an Aging Society—P…

UK-Japan 21st Century Group | 32nd Conference

September 3–6, 2015 | London and Ditchley Park, Oxfordshire, UK

The 32nd annual meeting of the UK-Japan 21st Century Group convened in London and Ditchley Park, Oxfordshire, on September 3–6, 2015. A total of 34 senior Japanese and British leaders engaged in a ser…

23rd Japanese-German Forum

November 5–6, 2014 | Berlin

The 23rd Japanese-German Forum brought together more than three dozen business leaders, policy experts, and politicians. In their Berlin meeting, they discussed the current domestic trends in Germany…

UK-Japan 21st Century Group | 31st Conference

May 14–18, 2014 | Hakone, Japan

The 31st annual meeting of the UK-Japan 21st Century Group convened 40 Japanese and British leaders on May 14–18, 2014 to discuss issues impacting each country and their relationship.

22nd Japanese-German Forum

October 29–30, 2013 | Tokyo

The 22nd Japanese-German Forum was held on October 29–30, 2013, bringing more than three dozen participants together. The discussions focused on three topics: domestic political issues in the context…


A Gender Agenda: Asia-Europe Dialogue 3

Chia Siow Yue, ed.


This third volume examines the economic empowerment of women through entrepreneurship development at the grassroots level; the authors demonstrate this through an analysis of six case studies.

ASEM in its Tenth Year

Japan Center for International Exchange and University of Helsinki Network for European Studies, eds.


This final research report evaluating the ASEM process and exploring future possibilities was presented to the ASEM Senior Officials’ Meeting in March 2006.

Asia Pacific Security Outlook 2005

Richard W. Baker and Charles E. Morrison, eds.


This edition focuses on the frailty of human security shown in the aftermath of the great tsunami in December of 2004, even in an era of technology and instant communication; it also discusses more tr…

Asia and Europe: The Necessity for Cooperation

Karl Kaiser, ed.


This book summarizes the work of Council for Asia-Europe Cooperation (CAEC) task forces and reviews the role of Asia-Europe cooperation in the contemporary world.

Asia and Europe: Global Governance as a Challenge to Co-operation

William Wallace and Young Soogil, eds.


This book attempts to redefine the roles of Asia and Europe in a changing world, and to analyze the ways in which cooperation could enhance global governance.

Asia and Europe: Cooperating for Energy Security

François Godement, Françoise Nicolas, and Taizo Yakushiji, eds.


This book examines the strategic implications of the energy security choices of Asia and Europe, compares existing and potential schemes for regional cooperation, and defines areas for interregional c…

A Gender Agenda: Asia-Europe Dialogue 2

Liz Bavidge, ed.

October 2003

This book is a summary report on the conference, “A Gender Agenda 2: Asia-Europe Dialogue—Transformational Approaches to the Roles of Women and Men in Economic Life and Political Decision-Making,” whi…

Containing Conflict: Cases in Preventive Diplomacy

Hideo Sato, ed.

March 2003

The authors analyze the international community’s responses to conflicts in locations such as the African Great Lakes region, helping them to draw lessons for managing regional conflict through preven…

A Gender Agenda: Asia-Europe Dialogue

Delfin Colomé, Yoriko Meguro, Tadashi Yamamoto, eds.


This book reports on the conference, which signified the first occasion for women and men with various backgrounds and expertise to gather from throughout Asia and Europe to discuss gender issues from…

Governance and Civil Society in a Global Age

Tadashi Yamamoto and Kim Gould Ashizawa, eds.


The authors discuss the current state of civil society in their own countries, the challenges facing institutions of governance, the need to reform domestic governance, and the evolution of the role o…

Asia Pacific Security Outlook 1999

Charles E. Morrison, ed.


This book assesses national perceptions of regional security, key defense issues, and the contributions to regional and global security of seventeen member countries of the ASEAN Regional Forum in 199…

The New Security Agenda: A Global Survey

Paul B. Stares, ed.

August 1998

This book analyzes how attitudes toward the meaning of security are changing around the world in the wake of the cold war, and in particular how the principal “new” security issues are perceived in ke…

Europe and Japan: A Relationship in Search of Roles

Hanns W. Maull


The author details obstacles to closer European-Japanese security cooperation; additionally, he identifies areas for cooperation, such as nonproliferation of nuclear weapons and negotiations with the…

Trends of Policy Research in North America, Europe and Japan: 1987–1990

Japan Center for International Exchange; introduction by Tadashi Yamamoto


This English-Japanese report analyzes major policy research institutes in North America, Europe, and Japan, as well as their research on politics, economics, and global issues.

The Present and Future of Korea-Japan Cooperation

Han Sung-Joo, ed.

April 1990

These essays examine various aspects of Korean-Japanese relations and the factors that shape them in the post-cold war world, including domestic politics and economics in both countries, the role of t…