JCIE is committed to strengthening regional cooperation in the Asia Pacific region. We sponsor dialogues that bring together leaders from countries around the region to discuss shared challenges, we build networks among Asia Pacific decision makers, and we engage in research activities that support regional community-building efforts.



27th Korea-Japan Forum

August 21–23, 2019 | Seoul

The 27th Korea-Japan Forum met in Tokyo, bringing together more than 50 participants from both countries. Discussion topics included the role of both countries in moving toward North Korean denucleari…

Trilateral Commission | 2018 Asia Pacific Group Regional Meeting

November 19–21, 2018 | Beijing, China

The Asia Pacific Group of the Trilateral Commission held its annual regional meeting in Beijing, gathering leaders from around the globe to promote dialogue on key issues facing the international comm…

26th Korea-Japan Forum

August 20–22, 2018 | Tokyo

The 26th Korea-Japan Forum met in Tokyo, bringing together more than 50 participants from both countries. The meeting was focused on the 20th anniversary of the 1998 Japan–South Korea joint declaratio…

Trilateral Commission | 2018 Plenary Meeting

March 23–25, 2018 | Singapore

Leaders from the worlds of business, government, academia, media, and civil society from North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific gathered for this year’s plenary meeting of the Trilateral Commission.

Trilateral Commission | 2017 Asia Pacific Group Regional Meeting

November 25, 2017 | Tokyo

The Asia Pacific Group of the Trilateral Commission held its annual regional meeting in Tokyo, gathering more than 70 members, guests, fellows, and invited speakers.

25th Korea-Japan Forum

August 28–30, 2017 | Seoul

The 25th meeting of the Korea-Japan Forum brought together more than 50 participants from both countries, including influential politicians, businesspeople, and representatives of private exchange org…

Investing in Healthy and Active Aging for Sustainable Growth—A Regional Approach to Promoting Innovative Long-Term Care

August 15, 2017 | Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

JCIE was among the co-organizers of a multistakeholder forum to address the challenges facing Asia Pacific due to aging populations. The forum drew over 260 people from 27 economies in the region, rep…

Rediscovering Common Bonds | China-Japan-Korea Special Movie Talk

November 11, 2016 | Seoul, Korea

This unique event brought together the director of a Korean movie together with the directors of Japanese and Chinese versions of the film for the first time to explore how these three versions illust…

China-Japan-Korea Environmental Symposium—Strategies for Information-Sharing and Cooperation

October 15, 2016 | Beijing

JCIE held a special symposium at Peking University in Beijing so that China, Japan, and South Korea could share their experiences grappling with environmental problems and discuss strategies for deepe…

24th Korea-Japan Forum

August 24–26, 2016 | Tokyo

The 24th Korea-Japan Forum was held in Tokyo on August 24–26, 2016, convening 50 participants from both countries. Discussions were held on “Japan-Korea grassroots/citizen exchange,” “Japanese and Kor…

Korea-Japan Strategic Dialogue 2016

June 8–10, 2016 | Tokyo

At a recent meeting of the Korea-Japan Forum, it was suggested that a smaller group of key opinion leaders be convened to examine the issues in greater depth. As a result, JCIE and the Korea Institute…

23rd Korea-Japan Forum

August 27–29, 2015 | Seoul

The 23rd Korea-Japan Forum was held in Seoul on December 27–29, 2015, convening 50 participants from both countries. As this year marks the 50th anniversary of the normalization of Korea-Japan relatio…

Asia on the Move—Regional Challenges & Lessons for Japan

June 1, 2015 | Tokyo

On June 1, 2015, JCIE held a symposium in Tokyo to share the findings of a multinational case study project on The Movement of People in East Asia and the Role of Civil Society.

Managing Movements of People for Security and Prosperity in East Asia: Roles of Civil Society

February 1–2, 2015 | Tokyo

A multinational group of researchers met in Tokyo as part of a JCIE project on the Movement of People in East Asia and the Role of Civil Society, which was supported by the John D. and Catherine T. Ma…

Strategic Assistance: Asia Pacific Stability and Disaster Relief | Workshop III

September 11–12, 2014 | Tokyo

The third workshop provided the project research team the opportunity to engage with key constituencies within the US., Japanese, and international HA/DR communities, present tentative recommendations…


Five Steps to Bolster the US-Japan Alliance

March 2020

In January 2020, the United States and Japan marked the 60th anniversary of the revised US-Japan Security Treaty. Steps to strengthen this relationship, which should not be taken for granted, include…

The Crisis of US Credibility in East Asia

October 2019

The decision by the US Congress to open an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump over his pressuring of Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden has brought renewed attention t…

Regaining Momentum on North Korea Negotiations: One Year on from the Singapore Summit

Hitoshi Tanaka, Senior Fellow, JCIE

June 2019

The international community is now at a crossroads with North Korea. The lack of progress at the Hanoi Summit raises the risk that the opportunity created by the Singapore Summit may be squandered. Ho…

Managing the US-China Strategic Rivalry

Hitoshi Tanaka, Senior Fellow, JCIE

December 2018

The intensification of US-China tensions risks undermining regional stability in Asia Pacific. This cannot be resolved simply by ending the current trade war, and disengagement and decoupling is not a…

Engaging North Korea after the Singapore Summit

Hitoshi Tanaka, Senior Fellow, JCIE

July 2018

On June 12, US President Donald Trump and North Korean Workers’ Party Chairman Kim Jong-un met for a historic US-DPRK summit. While the vagueness of their final statement left many skeptical of the re…

Confronting Uncertainty in East Asia

Hitoshi Tanaka, Senior Fellow, JCIE

March 2018

From a Japanese perspective, the defining characteristic of East Asia’s regional order today appears to be the high degree of uncertainty that prevails about what might come next. Geopolitical uncerta…

Japan on Missile Mission to Get 127 Million People to Hide—Fast

Natalie Andrews

Sep 15, 2017

Natalie Andrews reports on Japan’s efforts to train its citizens how to effectively respond to a missile threat, a necessary process given looming threats from North Korea.

Five Factors That Could Lead to War with North Korea

Hitoshi Tanaka, Senior Fellow, JCIE

September 2017

What are the five factors that could lead to war with North Korea? They include the domestic turmoil in both political systems and the fact that differences between American and North Korean political…

Breaking the Impasse with North Korea

Hitoshi Tanaka, Senior Fellow, JCIE

May 2017

This report makes recommendations on how the international community can rapidly respond to the intensification of North Korea’s nuclear and missile development, in order to prevent massive bloodshed…

How to Manage Geopolitical Instability in East Asia

Hitoshi Tanaka, Senior Fellow, JCIE

February 2017

This issue discusses the concern surrounding Trump’s anti-globalization sentiment and the surge of populism associated with it, and how these developments may throw the international liberal economic…

Shoring Up the US-Japan Alliance under the Trump Administration

Hitoshi Tanaka, Senior Fellow, JCIE

December 2016

This edition of East Asia Insights discusses the sense of uncertainty regarding the future role of the United States in East Asian affairs, following President Trump’s election; the report focuses on…

Trump’s Rhetoric and the Future of the US-Japan Alliance

Hitoshi Tanaka, Senior Fellow, JCIE

July 2016

This issue discusses the question that has been brought up by the results of the US election: Will US alliance relationships, including the alliance with Japan, weaken as part of the retreat to isolat…

Six Challenges for US-Japan Cooperation in Asia

Hitoshi Tanaka, Senior Fellow, JCIE

February 2016

In this issue of East Asia Insights, Hitoshi Tanaka outlines six challenges that carry the potential to undermine US-Japan cooperation and calls for close, careful US-Japan consultation and cooperatio…

Secrets of "Three Brothers" of South Korea, China, Japan

Yoshibumi Wakamiya

November 12, 2015

By Yoshibumi Wakamiya You probably do not know that there is the Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (TCS) in Korea. Although it is rarely known in Japan or China, it is an international organization j…

Navigating Change: ASEAN-Japan Strategic Partnership in East Asia and in Global Governance

Rizal Sukma and Yoshihide Soeya, eds.


In preparation for the Japan-ASEAN Ministerial meetings, Navigating Change proposes ways in which strategic partnerships between ASEAN and Japan can help to create a more stable East Asia, as well as…