Healthy and Active Aging

A look at the critical impact of aging on Japanese and other societies. JCIE is promoting dialogue, exchange, and research to understand the implications of aging societies worldwide and to share best practices to ensure that Japan and others can enjoy healthy longevity.

Healthy and Active Aging in Asia

A look at the critical impact of aging on Japanese and other societies. Rapid population aging is one of the key challenges faced not only by Japan but by an increasing number of ASEAN and East Asian countries. JCIE’s new program on Healthy and Active Aging in Asia aims to contribute to the promotion of bilateral and regional cooperation on aging-related challenges in Asia.

Expanding Support for Democratic Governance

In 2018, JCIE launched a multi-pronged initiative to explore and expand Japan’s support for democratic governance based on the values of liberty, accountability, the rule of law, and individual dignity and empowerment. The initiative is designed to engage Japanese leaders in dialogue with domestic and overseas experts on strengthening the building blocks of democratic governance in Asia and elsewhere.

Executive Committee on Global Health and Human Security

The Executive Committee on Global Health and Human Security is a unique public-private platform that facilitates the Japanese government’s policymaking on global health and public-private collaboration in that field.

Global Health and Human Security

JCIE’s Global Health and Human Security Program offers a comprehensive, multistakeholder approach to promoting greater understanding, awareness, and support of global health and human security, and explores ways in which Japan and other countries can turn commitments into actions.

Development Assistance for Health Special Commission

With just 10 more years until the Sustainable Development Goals’ (SDG) target year of 2030, there is a pressing need for Japan to increase the development impact of its global health assistance and make global health funding more strategic. This commission aims to reassess how to utilize Japan’s ODA in a more strategic manner to advance global health, adapt to structural shifts in the development field, and increase the efficacy and impact of its funding.

Regulatory Harmonization Task Force

In 2018, JCIE’s Executive Committee on Global Health and Human Security created a Task Force for Promoting Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Regulatory Harmonization in Asia. The group, comprised of 15 experts from industry, academia, and government, seeks to formulate recommendations on how Japan could improve access to pharmaceuticals and medical devices in Asia.

JCIE Publication | A Growing Force: Civil Society’s Role in Asian Regional Security

The authors explore the role of civil society organizations in responding to security threats in the five areas of piracy, disaster relief, human trafficking, health, and climate change, in order to analyze their effectiveness and what can be done to make them more successful.

JCIE/USA Executive Seminar | Post–Midterm Outlook for US Political & Economic Relations

Two top experts on US-Japan relations— Columbia University Professor Gerald Curtis and the Wall Street Journal’s Jacob Schlesinger—assessed the Democratic victory in the midterm elections and the prospects for the next two years of the Trump administration’s Asia policy.

JCIE Publications | Doing Well by Doing Good: Innovative Corporate Responses to Communicable Diseases

This book presents case studies of innovative approaches by 12 corporations to deal with the spread of AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis; the authors focus on the motivations behind corporate engagement and the evolution of these programs