JCIE Publications | Governance for a New Century

This publication discusses Japanese public opinion, policymaking and political frameworks, and the role of the private sector in public affairs. Five Japanese experts write about the restructuring efforts under way in Japan, and five American policy experts respond.

JCIE Publications | Governance and Civil Society in a Global Age

The authors discuss the current state of civil society in their own countries, the challenges facing institutions of governance, the need to reform domestic governance, and the evolution of the role of civil society in governance.

JCIE Publications | Fighting a Rising Tide: The Response to AIDS in East Asia

In this book, experts around Asia Pacific examine how government, civil society, corporations, and media are responding to the rising tide of HIV/AIDS infection that is afflicting the region.

JCIE Publications | East Asia at a Crossroads

This book analyzes the dynamics of regional community building and proposes ways of moving forward to enhance regional peace and prosperity while strengthening East Asia’s capacity to meet its growing responsibilities.

JCIE Publications | Coping With 9-11: Asian Perspectives on Global and Regional Order

This book maps out the introductory phase of the post-9-11 global and regional settings, as well as the response of the East Asian countries.

JCIE Publications | Building Resilience: Human Security Approaches to AIDS in Africa and Asia

This report analyzes five projects funded by the United Nations Trust Fund for Human Security that deal with AIDS from various angles, such as the intersection between AIDS and issues of poverty, migration, education, and gender inequality.

Friends of the Global Fund, Japan

The Friends of the Global Fund, Japan (FGFJ), is a special initiative founded and operated by JCIE to strengthen support in Japan for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, a major international funding mechanism for fighting communicable diseases.

JCIE Publications | New Perspectives on US-Japan Relations

This book contains insight from political scientists into one of the most important bilateral relationships in the world; discussions range from issues of trade and financial management, shifting perspectives on security in Asia, to the role of mass media in this relationship.

Dialogue and Research Monitor

This multi-volume publication monitored policy-relevant dialogue and research throughout East Asia for more than a decade with the goal of understanding the ongoing efforts by policy research institutions, policy thinkers, and public intellectuals to strengthen the emerging regional community.

JCIE Publication | A Gender Agenda: Asia-Europe Dialogue 2

This book is a summary report on the conference, “A Gender Agenda 2: Asia-Europe Dialogue—Transformational Approaches to the Roles of Women and Men in Economic Life and Political Decision-Making.”