East Asia Insights | Five Myths about Dealing with North Korea: A Japanese Perspective

This issue discusses the validity of the oft-heard critiques of the February Joint Statement, which was created after North Korea conducted a series of missile tests in July, in addition to its first-ever nuclear weapons test in October.

Executive Committee on Global Health and Human Security

The Executive Committee on Global Health and Human Security is a unique public-private platform that facilitates the Japanese government’s policymaking on global health and public-private collaboration in that field.

US Congressional Staff Exchange

JCIE established the US Congressional Staff Exchange Program in 1982 in recognition of the vital role Congressional staff play in policymaking. The one-week program provides senior Congressional staffers with the opportunity to meet Japanese legislators and policymakers and give them a sense of the Japanese policymaking process as well as political, economic, and societal trends.

JCIE Publications | Major Power Relations in Northeast Asia

This publication, the result of a study on the “China-Japan-US Research and Dialogue Project,” contains essays by six American analysts in a multinational team identifying the challenges to productive and peaceful relations among China, Japan, and the United States.

JCIE Publications | Japan’s Road to Pluralism: Transforming Local Communities in the Global Era

This publication was the result of a study on the “Transformation of Japanese Communities and the Emerging Local Agenda,” and chronicles how practical and incremental changes in community-level governance point toward Japan’s new road to pluralism.

JCIE Publications | Humanitarian Intervention: The Evolving Asian Debate

This book presents a comparative analysis of Asian views on humanitarian intervention, with chapters on China, India, Japan, South Korea, and member states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

JCIE Publications | Governance for a New Century

This publication discusses Japanese public opinion, policymaking and political frameworks, and the role of the private sector in public affairs. Five Japanese experts write about the restructuring efforts under way in Japan, and five American policy experts respond.

JCIE Publications | Governance and Civil Society in a Global Age

The authors discuss the current state of civil society in their own countries, the challenges facing institutions of governance, the need to reform domestic governance, and the evolution of the role of civil society in governance.

JCIE Publications | Fighting a Rising Tide: The Response to AIDS in East Asia

In this book, experts around Asia Pacific examine how government, civil society, corporations, and media are responding to the rising tide of HIV/AIDS infection that is afflicting the region.

JCIE Publications | East Asia at a Crossroads

This book analyzes the dynamics of regional community building and proposes ways of moving forward to enhance regional peace and prosperity while strengthening East Asia’s capacity to meet its growing responsibilities.