Insights | The Nightmare of a Chain-Reaction Collapse and the Importance of Japan-South Korea Cooperation

This translation is an addition to JCIE’s Global Thinknet Insights, in which Keio University Professor Masao Okonogi outlines the significance of Japan-South Korea cooperation with regards to the rising threat of North Korea.

Insights| Strengthening the Triangle: China-Japan-US Rapprochement

In this translation, included in JCIE’s Global Thinknet Insights, University of Tokyo professor Akihiko Tanaka discusses the importance and status of China-Japan-US trilateral relations, and how to best strengthen these ties.

Insights | New Frameworks for Northeast Asian Security: Bilateral Alliances and Multilateral Unofficial Talks

This Global Thinknet Insights publication gives an overview of National Defense Academy Professor Masashi Nishihara’s stance on how to improve security approaches to Northeast Asia.

Insights | Japan after the Cold War

This piece, by Kobe University Professor Makoto Iokibe and translated for JCIE’s Global Thinknet Insights, examines the state of Japanese affairs following the Cold War and offers suggestions for tasks concerning security, economy, and domestic politics.

JCIE Publications | Emerging Civil Society in the Asia Pacific Community

This book is a compilation of reports written by leading intellectuals and specialists from 15 Asia Pacific countries on the focus of activities at the research institutions, foundations, and nongovernmental organizations of their respective countries.

JCIE Publications | The New Asia-Pacific Order: A Summary Report

This report summarizes five issues raised at the New Asia-Pacific Order Conference: sustainability of economic dynamism; regional groupings in the next decade; major power shifts; a new security architecture; and globalization, particularism, democratization, and human rights.

JCIE Publications | The Survey Reports on Japan-Related Regional Activities in the United States (Vol. II)

This publication discusses the US-Japan exchanges in 24 U.S. states, including information on: historical background, economic relations with Japan, educational programs and exchanges, state and municipal exchange activity, cultural events and exchanges, and attitudes towards Japan.

JCIE Publications | Parallel Politics: Economic Policymaking in Japan and the United States

This book, which stemmed from an eighteen-month seminar of Japanese and American scholars, examines Japanese and American political institutions and stresses the similarities in economic policymaking in the two countries.

JCIE Publications | A Report on US-Japan Intellectual Exchange

This final report by the US-Japan Intellectual Exchange Study Group of the National Institute for Research Advancement discusses the international symposium held in Tokyo in February 1991, on the theme “Challenges and Opportunities of US-Japan Exchange in the New Era.”

JCIE Publications | Domestic Adjustments to Globalization

This book compiles nine country surveys that were completed on the eve of the Asian crisis; these surveys reflect how the crisis has tested many ideas associated with globalization such as economic strategies, governance, and leadership.