US-Japan Young Political Leaders Exchange

In 1973, JCIE and the American Council of Young Political Leaders (ACYPL) jointly launched the US-Japan Young Political Leaders Exchange Program, an annual bilateral exchange program designed to expose young leaders of each country to the politics and policymaking processes of the other country and to enhance their understanding of US-Japan relations.

US-Japan Parliamentary Exchange

The US-Japan Parliamentary Exchange Program brings members of the US Congress and Japanese Diet to one another’s countries for a series of intensive dialogues with leaders from a broad range of fields. Participants in the US-Japan Parliamentary Exchange Program have risen to influential positions in their respective countries with an enhanced understanding of the US-Japan relationship.

US Congressional Staff Exchange

JCIE established the US Congressional Staff Exchange Program in 1982 in recognition of the vital role Congressional staff play in policymaking. The one-week program provides senior Congressional staffers with the opportunity to meet Japanese legislators and policymakers and give them a sense of the Japanese policymaking process as well as political, economic, and societal trends.

JCIE Publications | Engaging Russia in Asia Pacific

This study suggest how Asian countries could exhibit their commitment to engaging Russia in Asia Pacific, as Russia undergoes a transformation in the post-cold war world.

JCIE Publications | The Asian Crisis and Human Security

This publication provides the speeches, background papers, and synopses of presentations and discussions from a dialogue carried out in response to Japan’s then-foreign minister Obuchi Keizo’s suggestion for “an intellectual dialogue on building Asia’s tomorrow.”

JCIE Publications | International Philanthropy Project of the Japan Center for International Exchange

This paper details the history of JCIE’s project, which was created to assist Japanese nonprofit foundations in developing contacts and working relationships with their American and European counterparts; this later expanded to exchange joint projects.

JCIE Publications | Japan-US Women Leaders Dialogue: Community Development and the Role of Women

A delegation of six women leaders from various regions of the United States traveled to Japan in January–February 1993, and six Japanese women leaders visited the United States in June of the same year. This publication is a report on their findings.

JCIE Publications | Commemorative Events/Reversion of Okinawa

These papers, presented at a two-day seminar in honor of the reversion of Okinawa, discuss the prelude to the reversion, the decision-making processes in American and Japanese governments, and the postlude to the reversion.

JCIE Publications | The New Security Agenda: A Global Survey

This book analyzes how attitudes toward the meaning of security are changing around the world in the wake of the cold war, and in particular how the principal “new” security issues are perceived in key countries and regions.

Dialogue and Research Monitor

This multi-volume publication monitored policy-relevant dialogue and research throughout East Asia for more than a decade with the goal of understanding the ongoing efforts by policy research institutions, policy thinkers, and public intellectuals to strengthen the emerging regional community.