Global Health Multistakeholder Dialogue: From Hiroshima to Puglia

JCIE has organized the “Global Health Multistakeholder Dialogue: From Hiroshima to Puglia” n order to deepen discussions on the Hiroshima G7 commitments, offer advice on key topics to be addressed, and build momentum toward the implementation of those commitments,

Executive Committee on Global Health and Human Security

The Executive Committee on Global Health and Human Security is a unique public-private platform that facilitates the Japanese government’s policymaking on global health and public-private collaboration in that field.

US-Japan Young Political Leaders Exchange

In 1973, JCIE and the American Council of Young Political Leaders (ACYPL) jointly launched the US-Japan Young Political Leaders Exchange Program, an annual bilateral exchange program designed to expose young leaders of each country to the politics and policymaking processes of the other country and to enhance their understanding of US-Japan relations.

US-Japan Parliamentary Exchange

The US-Japan Parliamentary Exchange Program brings members of the US Congress and Japanese Diet to one another’s countries for a series of intensive dialogues with leaders from a broad range of fields. Participants in the US-Japan Parliamentary Exchange Program have risen to influential positions in their respective countries with an enhanced understanding of the US-Japan relationship.

Political Exchange Programs

For five decades, JCIE has been promoting closer relations between Japanese leaders and their foreign counterparts. JCIE involves political leaders in a wide range of research and dialogues—from comparative research on the policymaking process, to task forces on global health, and to participation in exchanges that further bilateral relations between Japan and Korea, Germany, China, and the United Kingdom.

US Congressional Staff Exchange

JCIE established the US Congressional Staff Exchange Program in 1982 in recognition of the vital role Congressional staff play in policymaking. The one-week program provides senior Congressional staffers with the opportunity to meet Japanese legislators and policymakers and give them a sense of the Japanese policymaking process as well as political, economic, and societal trends.

Tanaka Juku Seminar Series

In 2006, JCIE launched the JCIE Tanaka Juku, an annual three-month series of intensive evening seminars for about 20 young political leaders, corporate executives, journalists, and emerging intellectual leaders under the tutorage of Hitoshi Tanaka, JCIE senior fellow and former deputy minister for foreign affairs.

Global Health Governance Study Group

Global Health Governance Study Group 2021–2022 The International Order and Japan’s Role in the COVID and Post-COVID Era Working in collaboration with the Tokyo University Institute for Future Initiatives (IFI), JCIE has launched a one-year research project on global health governance, focusing on the theme of “The International Order and Japan’s Role in the COVID […]

Global Health and Human Security

JCIE’s Global Health and Human Security Program offers a comprehensive, multistakeholder approach to promoting greater understanding, awareness, and support of global health and human security, and explores ways in which Japan and other countries can turn commitments into actions.

US-Japan Healthy and Resilient Aging Program

The US-Japan Healthy & Resilient Aging program promotes US-Japan collaboration on aging issues. The program will facilitate robust dialogues at the community and national levels that engage a broad spectrum of stakeholders and spark future collaboration for the benefit of both countries and the Asia-Pacific region as a whole.