Senior Program Officer, JCIE/Japan​

Since joining JCIE in 1997, Tomoko Suzuki’s work has focused on human security, global health, gender, and East Asia regional community building. She currently helps manage JCIE’s Health and Human Security Program, along with a variety of other activities. In 1999–2000, she was seconded to the office for the Prime Minister’s Commission on Japan’s Goals in the 21st Century.

Ms. Suzuki is co-author of Human Security in the United Nations and Building Resilience: Human Security Approaches to AIDS in Africa and Asia, and she has contributed to a number of other publications on health and human security. She also translated a portion of the well-known book, The Insiders’ Guide to Grantmaking (Joel J. Orsoz, 2000), into Japanese. Ms. Suzuki received an MA in human security from the University of Tokyo in 2008 and was awarded her undergraduate degree in 1997 by Keio University’s Department of Political Science.