East Asia Insights

East Asia Insights is an occasional policy brief that was launched by JCIE in 2006 in order to share a Japanese perspective on critical issues and challenges facing the region. The briefs are authored by Hitoshi Tanaka, a senior fellow at JCIE and chairman of the Institute for International Strategy at the Japan Research Institute. He previously served as Japan’s deputy minister for foreign affairs. Opinions expressed in East Asia Insights are those of the author.

East Asia Community Building: Toward an East Asia Security Forum

April 2007

This issue recommends the creation of an “East Asia Security Forum” in order to enhance cooperation between states in a wider range of areas would greatly facilitate the realization of a more cooperat…

Nationalistic Sentiments in Japan and their Foreign Policy Implications

January 2007

Foreign observers had noticed an increase in Japanese nationalism recently; this growing prominence of public sentiment in Japan is rooted in frustration over dual gaps, one between Japan’s security p…

Japan's Perspective on the Korean Peninsula

June 2006

This issue discusses the situation on the Korean peninsula, where North Korea’s suspected nuclear weapons program, its missile program, and criminal misconduct act as a threat to the stability in Japa…

Japan and China at a Crossroads

March 2006

This issue, in hopes of restructuring bilateral relations between Japan and China and improve the stability of the region, analyzes long-term geopolitical and structural changes that have been taking…

The ASEAN+3 and East Asia Summit: A Two-Tiered Approach to Community Building

January 2006

This issue traces the background of the annual ASEAN+3 Summit and the first East Asia Summit, and analyzes the future path for East Asia community building.