JCIE/USA in Photos: 10 Highlights from 2015

10 Congressional Members welcoming

10 Congressional Members welcoming...

...nearly 20 Diet members at a range of events in the US.

(Pictured above: Rep. Madeleine Bordallo greets Rep. Kozo Yamamoto at a reception at the US Capitol.)

9 conferences and roundtables featuring

9 conferences and roundtables featuring...

...young leaders alongside established experts.

(Pictured above: Four up-and-coming Diet members speak with Prof. Gerald Curtis at the 2015 Tadashi Yamamoto Memorial Seminar.)

8 Diet & NGO leaders studying

8 Diet & NGO leaders studying...

...how to strengthen US-Japan cooperation on humanitarian assistance.

7 Congressional staffers visiting

7 Congressional staffers visiting...

...Okinawa and Tokyo to learn firsthand about US-Japan security ties.

6 policy experts & politicians writing

6 policy experts & politicians writing...

...about the role of leadership in Japan’s politics and foreign policy.

5 extraordinary speakers opening

5 extraordinary speakers opening...

...a JCIE conference that was one of the most high-level global health meetings in the world this year.

4 American journalists interviewing

4 American journalists interviewing...

...Japanese politicians, robot designers, and matchmakers as part of the inaugural US-Japan Journalism Fellowship.

3 new books analyzing

3 new books analyzing...

...ASEAN-Japan ties, migration in Asia, and Japanese politics.

2 more organizations thriving

2 more organizations thriving...

...thanks to new grants from JCIE’s NGO Earthquake Fund to help communities recover from the 2011 tsunami.

And 1 team thanking you

And 1 team thanking you...

...for your support last year & sending their best wishes for the holidays and a wonderful new year.

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