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JCIE Reports on the Disaster Response

Surveys of US Giving for Japan's March 11 Disaster
Four–Year Report: US Giving for Japan's 2011 Disaster Totals $737 Million (March 2015)
Three–Year Report: US Giving for Japan Disaster Reaches $730 Million (March 2014)
Two-Year Report: US Giving in Response to Japan Disaster Exceeds $710 Million (March 2013)
18-Month Report: US Giving in Response to Japan's March 11 Disaster Exceeds $665 Million (September 2012)
One Year Report: US Giving in Response to Japan's March 11 Disaster Tops $630 Million (March 2012)

Innovative Disaster Responses: Model Approaches from Japan's 3/11 Disaster (2015)
Bringing People Together: Assessing the Impact of 3/11 on US-Japan Grassroots Exchange (2015)
Strengthening US-Japan NGO Partnerships on Humanitarian Responses—Lessons from 3/11 (2015)
人道支援における日米NGOのパートナーシップの強化:東日本大震災に学ぶ (2015)
Report from Tohoku—interview with JCIE’s Atsuko Geiger (March 2015)
International Philanthropy and Disasters in Developed Countries: The US Response to Japan's 3.11 Disaster (July 2014)
"Draft Background Paper: Strengthening International NGO Partnerships on Disaster Responses—Lessons from 3/11" (November 2013)
The Growing Role of NGOs in Disaster Relief and Humanitarian Assistance in East Asia (Yukie Osa, from A Growing Force, March 2013)
Friendship Across Borders: Nearly 100 US Sister City Organizations Raise Relief Funds for Japan (September 2012)
Local Economic Recovery: Firsthand Accounts from Tohoku (September 2012)
One Year Later: Rebuilding After the Great Tōhoku Earthquake (from PhilanTopic, March 2012)
A Glass Half Full: Japan's Disaster Response at One Year (from Smart Assets, March 2012)
Forging U.S.-Japan Civil Society Cooperation Out of the 3/11 Disaster (from the Mike & Maureen Mansfield Foundation's Japan Moves Forward,
January 2012)
Human Security Approaches for Disaster Recovery and Resilience (from the Japan Medical Association Journal, November 2011)
Responding to 3/11: Helping with the Japan Disaster (from Smart Assets, May 2011)
Reflections from Tohoku (June 2011)

Other JCIE resources
DATABASE—Donors, Recipients, and Overseas Grantmaking for the Japan Disaster
SLIDESHOW: 10 Innovative Ideas from the 3/11 Response