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International Cooperation on the Japan Disaster

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Facilitating Overseas Aid and Matching Donors

In the days after the earthquake, JCIE advised overseas humanitarian groups on the Japanese nonprofit sector. Since then, it has helped facilitate nearly $1.6 million in direct contributions from half a dozen overseas donors to groups involved in disaster recovery. Drawing on its longstanding efforts to strengthen understanding of Japan's philanthropic and nonprofit sectors through its CivilNet program, JCIE has also has been advising overseas grantmakers on giving in Japan, introducing them to potential partner organizations involved in the disaster response, and in some cases arranging site visits to the Tohoku region.

Disseminating Information on Japanese Civil Society

JCIE serves as a source of information and analysis on the Japanese nonprofit and philanthropic sectors for overseas experts and donors. It also advises Japanese nonprofit organizations on overseas philanthropy and international standards and practices.

Promoting International Coordination

JCIE has worked to encourage greater coordination among US groups that wish to aid Japan and Japanese nonprofit organizations that need support. In addition to ongoing efforts, these have included the following special projects:

Other Activities

Other JCIE research and activities deal with the broader international implications of the 3/11 disaster for Japanese cooperation, for example in the fields of foreign policy, global health, and grassroots exchange.