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Japan NGO Earthquake Relief and Recovery Fund

JCIE manages several funds to to aid Japanese organizations taking part in the immediate as well as long term relief efforts in response to the 3/11 disaster but the Japan NGO Earthquake Relief & Recovery Fund launched on March 14, 2011 is our main fund in collecting donations from the general public. To date, it has raised more than $1.7 million. Initially, half of the funds raised were allocated to the Center for Public Resources Development's "GiveOne" initiative for groups providing emergency relief, while half was set aside for the long-term recovery. As the situation on the ground evolved, JCIE has shifted toward directing all new contributions to the recovery stage.

東日本大震災 NGO支援国際基金について(日本語) | Fund Overview in Japanese

How You Can Help

1) Donate by Check

This will avoid credit card processing fees. Please make the check out to "Japan Center for International Exchange" and mail to:

Japan Center for International Exchange
274 Madison Avenue, Suite 1102
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  • Please indicate that your donation is for the "Japan NGO Earthquake Relief and Recovery Fund"

  • 日本語でのお問い合わせは、Atsuko Geiger(212-679-4130)までお願い致します。

2) Donate Online:

  • Your contribution will be processed through Paypal, and you will be redirected to their page. If you encounter any difficulties with your donation, please email shubbard AT jcie.org.

  • 米国法人日本国際交流センター(JCIE/USA)への寄付金は米国内で免税の対象となります(東日本大震災 NGO支援国際基金について)。日本国内に在住で米国での寄付金免税の必要のない方は、GiveOneページ上で直接ご寄付いただく方法もあります。クレジット決済可能。詳細についてはGiveOneのホームページをご覧ください。

Funding Priorities

Long-term Recovery

JCIE funds are being used to help Japanese nonprofit organizations that are not likely to receive sufficient support from government, business, and other sources, but that are tackling issues essential for a sustainable recovery. One aim is to encourage the recipients to strengthen their organizational capacity and become self-sustaining, so much of the funding will be in the form of multi-year grants, which are still uncommon in Japan. Issue areas being prioritized include:

  • Rebuilding Community Ties—Strengthening community-based organizations, restoring community members' sense of identity and esteem, preserving community heritage, and reconstituting the formal and informal networks that make a community function are key components of any full recovery from disaster.

  • Economic Revitalization—Local economies have been devastated, and there is a pressing need for innovative approaches that will help restart commerce and create jobs. Restoring livelihoods makes communities more vibrant, improves the quality of life, and prevents the hollowing out of communities as unemployed residents relocate for work.

  • Supporting Senior Citizens—A disproportionate number of those affected by the disaster are senior citizens. They face special challenges in their recovery, and innovative efforts are need to better empower them and ensure their physical and mental wellbeing.

  • MetLife Alico Employees' Children Support Program—JCIE and MetLife Alico Japan launched a special one-year program to help children and their families to cope with the recovery process. The program is made possible by donations from MetLife Alico employees, and it provided one-year grants to 21 Japanese groups for the grant period April 1, 2012—March 31, 2013. For more information...

Short-term Relief

Half of the initial general contributions to the Japan NGO Earthquake Relief and Recovery Fund were distributed through the Give One campaign to six of Japan's leading organizations that are playing key roles in the relief effort. In the end, nearly $304,000 was disbursed through GiveOne to these organizations, which provide food, shelter, healthcare, counseling, and other support for the victims.



JCIE/USA is a NY-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and donations to it are tax deductible under US law. The American counterpart of one of Japan's leading international affairs organizations, JCIE fosters dialogue and cooperation between Japan and the United States, and it has worked for many years to promote the development of Japan's nonprofit sector.

About JCIE/Japan

Founded in 1970, JCIE is one of the very few independent nongovernmental organizations in the field of international affairs in Japan. It promotes dialogue between politicians, policy experts, and civil society organizations in Japan and abroad. For decades, it has encouraged the growth of Japan's nonprofit sector by facilitating philanthropic programs for overseas foundations and corporations.